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How it all began…

There is an old saying, “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times”. Not long ago our World suffered from a Global pandemic, life literally stopped and of course this affected our community as well. International events were stopped. Then EvW’s crew took action and organized 2 International Events in March and April 2021 in Istanbul. Then on June 12th 2021 we organized the first edition of East vs West in Yalova Türkiye, with 11 International Supermatches. After some calculations we started to organize East vs West 2 on February 12th 2022 in Istanbul, East vs West 3 on May 19th, East vs West 4 on August 6th and right before we organize the East vs West 5 on November 19th we are happy to start our web site which was prepared by Sol Arun who is our graphic designer as well.

Including East vs West X we have organized 135 Elite World Level Supermatches.

Armwrestling deserves to be at much better places but unfortunately we are not there yet. Our goal is to bring this great sport to the level of the other well developed professional sports events.

The truth is we don’t see East vs West as our brand but a brand that came to this point by the efforts of the fans and athletes who have been part of East vs West events.

We will continue to serve the community as long as the community gives us their support to serve them.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Engin Terzi

Engin Terzi

Founder of East vs West

A message from our Founder

I love armwrestling and I finally see tens of thousands of people who share the same feelings that I have for this sport. Do I have the capacity to serve this sport? Yes, I do, and I will serve as long as I am supported and my health will allow me to. I enjoy seeing community enjoying these events.

We (fans, athletes, coresports) are doing a good job together so far. Thanks to all of you who have been supporting me to organize EvW.

Engin Terzi, The Enigma of Rage.

Meet the Team!

Anna Grönlund

Anna Grönlund

East vs West Coordinator
Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner

Content Director
Roman "SG Records"

Roman "SG Records"

Promos Director
Cemil Malkoç

Cemil Malkoç

Web Hosting
Sol Arun

Sol Arun

Brand & Web Director

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